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Five 4 Friends

five 4 friends logoWhat is It?

FIVE 4 FRIENDS is the Friends Together signature fundraising campaign.


Friends Together supports the needs of families struggling with cancer in this 5 county region of northeast Michigan. In order to maintain existing programs and services, a signature campaign is needed. Programs and outreach continue to grow as we continue to strive to complete the mission that no one experiences the cancer journey alone. For many, we are the difference during and after their cancer treatment.


How can I help?

Teams of Friends led by captains will host fund-raising events in the community. Each crew can choose which event/events and how they wish to provide funding.

Friends Together and the Committee will support Teams by publicizing events, providing appropriate handout and guidance materials, and by hosting regular meetings.

Along with your individual events we will have the following available to assist – and there may be more:

Full Team Kit designed to make your job easy.
It will include all materials needed to assist you with your successful events.

  1. 50/50 tickets
  2. FIVE 4 FRIENDS T-SHIRTS – $10.00 each
  3. FIVE 4 FRIENDS HAND CUTOUT to be displayed in businesses or in the home.
  4. Sponsorship opportunities – sponsors will be listed on back of T- shirt. Your TEAM will be credited for funds raised using any of these opportunities.
  5. Yard Signs.
  6. More to come!!!

Who can be a member of my team?

 Ask family, friends, co-workers, members of church or service organization…no age or size limit!

Are funds donated to other non-profit organizations?

No. All funds remain in our five-county area with the specific purpose of providing comfort and support to those coping with a cancer diagnosis. We support and recognize the efforts of other non-profit organizations, but all funds raised will remain with Friends Together.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Friends Together Staff – Judy, Bill, Aneka, Lesslee   989-356-3231

Aneka Wagner   208-339-4054

Stacy Roznowski   989-255-7544

Jennifer Newhouse   989-464-0861

Thank you for being our friend!